Wednesday, November 21, 2012


THIS STORY HAS BEEN CIRCULATED ON THE INTERNET -- CAPTURED HERE TO SHARE: Ole won a fishing boat in a raffle drawing in a small upstate Minnesota town. He brought it home and Lena looks at him and says, "Vot da heck you gonna do vit dat. Dere ain't no water deep enough ta float a boat widin 50 miles uv here." Ole says, "I vun it and I'ma gonna keep it." Sven came over to visit several days later. He sees Lena and asks where Ole is. She says, "He's out dere in his fishin boat," pointing to the field behind the house. Sven heads out behind the house and sees his brother sitting in a fishing boat with a fishing rod in his hand down in the middle of a big field. He yells out to him, "Vot da heck are you doing out dere?" Ole replies, "I'ma fishin'. Vot da heck duz it look like I'ma doing?" Sven yells back, "It'sa people lika you that give people from Norvay a bad name; make everybody tink we are stoopid. If I cud svim, I'd come out dere and kick yor ass."


  1. One detail, there is no place in Minnesota that is anywhere near 50 miles from a lake! Otherwise it's a great Ole and Lena story.

  2. I forgot to mention that I found your blog by going into my profile likes and clicking on "Over the Hill", one of my favorite movies. Your smiling face came up as another fan. I'm dying to get a DVD of that movie but it's only available on VHS.
    I keep looking for it on the movie channels but so far haven't found it.
    If you're looking for more Ole and Lena stories, I can help you out although some of them are a little off-color. Here's one that's in line with your post: Ole finally dies after a long illness. Lena is at the funeral home making arrangements. The funeral director tells her that he will see to putting the notice in the local newspaper and asks what she wants in the ad. She says to just put 'Ole died, funeral on Wednesday at St. Olaf's Church'. The director says, 'You can have up to 50 words in the ad, don't you want to put more than that?' Lena thinks for a moment and says, 'Well then, put Ole died, funeral at St. Olaf's on Wednesday. Used fishing boat for sale.'

    1. Thanks Ms Sparrow for the fun story! When I finally (after 28 yrs of research, mind you) get A FIELD GUIDE TO GEEZERS published this year, I'll want to share the humor with the world. So it's good to know you found me in an off-hand search! Thanks.

  3. I look forward to hearing more about your publication date. By the way, my name is Janice Wagar and I'm also on Facebook. And I like to think that I am not a "geezer-ess"! I just pulled up your FB page so I'll friend you, if that's OK.

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