Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Pelagic Geezer Tale

Yeah, I built a metal boat, a sailboat. Didn’t put an engine in it.  Me and another guy sailed it to Hawaii.  Liked it so well we stayed there a while.  Sat at anchor long enough that coral and other stuff grew thick as brush on the bottom of the boat.  When we attempted to sail out of the cove through the gap in the reef, the boat sailed so poorly that we were blown on top of the reef.  We sat there like a teeter-totter.  Being ingenious sorts, we both ran forward to the bow at the same time and the boat slid off the reef into deep water on the other side of the cove.  This scraped all the growees and coral leeches off the bottom and the boat sailed just fine after that.  Didn’t hurt the boat at all.

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