Friday, April 22, 2011


Geezers often wear baseball caps with sayings on them.  In fact, some of them treat their hats like pets.  Still others never remove their caps, which contributes to balding.  In addition to their caps, they favor protective coloration in clothing.  Plaid = geezer camo.  They shop at thrift stores a lot, and flea markets, yard sales, even Dumpsters, while their little dogs wait patiently behind the wheel in their trucks. 

The waist band of many a geezer's pants can be found below his stomach.  That is, just above his magic parts.  Still others wear their waist bands up under their armpits, occasionally with suspenders.  Either way, you go to check out his buns and there aren't any.

One geezer I spent a lot of time with wiped his hands on his socks during dinner, instead of using a napkin.  When I caught him I said, "Did I just see you wipe your hand on your sock?"  He replied, "Sure.  I've done it all my life, but usually I don't get caught."  He grabbed my hand and demonstrated by wiping my hand on my sock.  This felt surprisingly natural.

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